29 August 2011 @ 10:37 am
I guess, general update for people who are curious:

No major damage from Irene, biggest problem at the moment is that we have no power, it's been three days since the power cut, so all of our food is spoiling. I saw a large tree that had blown over during the storm on top of some power lines on my way down to the base this morning, so I think that's a major contributing factor to our lack of power. My parents have agreed that a generator would be a worthwhile future investment.

Another problem for me has been the lack of phone service. My service has been spotty at best. It's a slight problem for me since I need to make some phone calls.

Other then some branches and whatnot that got blown over in our yard, nothing big happened, no trees fell onto our house, which was the biggest concern we had.

At the library at the moment for internet and charging my computer. Need to apply for some jobs (fingers crossed for Bowhead!!). Went to the base this morning with my mom so I could shower, so that was nice!
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