15 March 2010 @ 09:59 pm
Did some housekeeping on the flist, no hard feelings, but I just went by if I recognized your name and if I bothered reading your journals. No sense keeping people on my flist if I don't care enough to read their entries.

I guess comment if you want back on?
08 October 2009 @ 12:01 am

randomly decided to search pixiv and found a totally amazing pic of Remilia!

hopefully, I'll have a new color scheme worked out by the weekend, but it looks good as is right now, so I'm happy.

and since we're talking lj updates here, here's the sprite list so far:
-Patchouli Knowledge: Jack/[ profile] failaga - she's the closest thing to a sickly character in Touhou and kinda fails at physical stuff lol-- that and she's short (you shoulda seen the original sprite lol)
-Medicine Melancholy: Case/[ profile] technophile - Medicine is a doll and lol people joke that Case is a robot, I was going to use Alice, but her sprite looked weird so the loli-doll of poison death it is (that and lol shorter than jack now)
-Aya Shameimaru: Nicole/[ profile] skyregalia - because Aya's one of her fave characters! yay!
-Remilia Scarlet: ME!/[ profile] peachymint - one of my fave characters! yay! that and Flandre's sprites looked weird D:
-⑨ (Cirno): Caleb/[ profile] precto - because Cirno's his fave character! yay!
-Hong Meirin/China: Xy/[ profile] first_quadrant - because when I think of Xy i think of China a lot lol;;;
-Komachi Onozuka: Tess/[ profile] pyrat_xo - because Komachi is a shinigami and lol tess=bleach

Hopefully I'll be adding more in the future, I know I still need to add in [ profile] stormcoming and [ profile] xaster57, and hopefully more as I think of them. :)
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