29 October 2009 @ 08:46 am
With the news that Iceland is planning to close shop in Iceland, my colleague Preeti Aroon reminds me that according to Thomas Friedman's "Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention," the country is now vulnerable to attack from McDonalds-having nations. (There are a few it haven't exactly endeared itself to lately.) This could be a problem since, despite their viking heritage, Iceland has no standing army.

-Foreign Policy Blog, Original Article

The sad thing is I had almost the exact same thought when I heard about this...(for those who don't get it, some people believe in a theory that 'countries with McDonalds don't attack each's kinda like an extension of democratic peace theory if you know what that is)....

Not gonna lie though, I loved that little quip about the vikings at the end-- lol I probably could've written this article myself and been not even half-as-serious about it...

But yeah I feel awesome for thinking the same thing as the big guys~
15 June 2008 @ 02:30 am
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