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peachymint ([personal profile] peachymint) wrote on July 14th, 2009 at 08:50 pm
evidence of fail
So I've been having this random throbbing pain kinda in my gum the past few days. Went to floss carefully around that part of my mouth today because I noticed it was a little bloody when I brushed this morning. Turns out I had a ridiculously decent sized chunk of beef jerky lodged in my gum somehow. Epic Fail Count: 1

Today was my first day of summer class! After assuring my mom I knew how to get to College Park, I proceeded to drive off only to eventually find myself in some town I had never seen before. Epic Fail Count: 2 I pulled a U-turn, and attempted to get on the Beltway. I ended up turning onto 495 South. Epic Fail Count: 3 After starting to suspect that I was headed the wrong way (I should also note I was panicking and in tears for nearly an hour) I ended up crossing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and finding myself in VIRGINIA, the exact opposite of where I was supposed to be. Epic Fail Count: 4 Really panicking now, I somehow got myself onto 495 North, which was the right road. But panicking, I turned off at the exit for Fairfax, called my dad, and proceeded to get right back on it. Epic Fail Count: 5 I then somehow arrived for my class only 20 minutes late. This is after I picked up my parking permit.

In other news, IT TURNS OUT ONE OF MY [Korean] COUSINS IS IN NEW JERSEY. I have no idea WHERE in New Jersey, but he's somewhere up there working at a moving company and my mom wants to go visit him. I have no idea when or how we're going to manage this because she doesn't know where he is up in NJ either. ..................Epic Fail Count: 6

....Ok for the record if I'm talking about my cousins I probably mean one of my Korean ones. If I'm talking about my 2 American cousins, I usually call them by name (Lindsey and Hilary). Random note for reference I'm tossing out here. Knowing me, I'll probably be using it myself.

....Epic Fail Count: 7
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