peachymint: ([ skye ] || OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)
peachymint ([personal profile] peachymint) wrote on May 15th, 2010 at 11:40 am
Mountain of FAIL
Tried to 1CC MoF just now.

※ Eyes randomly went blurry on S1, thought I was doing awesome, then I ran into a fairy.
※ Restarted, ran into said fairy two more times.
※ Managed to clear S1 no problems.
※ Ran into Hina. Restart.
※ Died on the midboss of S1.

The last time I tried to 1CC Mountain of Faith I made it all the way to Kanako's last card and was 20 seconds away from clearing the game successfully.

I'm going to go job-grind in FF5 now to vent my rage-induced frustration while DW downloads. Forgot to watch last week's episode.
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